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The LH Project is two-tiered, with both residents and guests of the program. Residents receive a partial work fellowship to attend LHP. We work closely with each resident to determine what form this partial fellowship will take, whether in the form of a stipend, some materials, firings, or travel assistance. In return, residents will contribute to the operations of LHP in various ways, typically such as assisting with firings, restocking wood and giving informal slide lectures to the community. Residents are asked to give a piece of their work, made and fired during their residency, to the Project’s permanent collection. Guests of LHP may be invited to participate in a firing or perhaps make a specific work, however they receive no financial assistance from LHP.


Residents have a variety of backgrounds and experience, but they all have one thing in common: a recommendation from a member of our Board or one of our trusted advisors. Currently, residents are chosen from a pool of these recommended candidates. The LH Project is proud to be partnered with The Virginia A. Groot Foundation to provide a residency for first place winners working in clay.


LHP is a small, intimate residency with “a family feel” and we trust our board to recommend artists who will thrive here – in their work, the residency environment, and the community at large. The Project prefers potential applicants have a Master's Degree or the equivalent in the field of Ceramics.


Guests are invited by LHP to be part of the program for short or long term stays.

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